How To Get A College Education Without Paying A Dime To The College (And Without A Scholarship)

How To Get A College Education Without Paying A Dime To The College (And Without A Scholarship)

7th March 2021
Richardson, TX

For years, Dallas County high school students have had an advantage over students in other counties. While any Texas student could take Dual Credit classes for their high school and college transcripts, only Dallas County students could take them for free.

But the tide has finally turned in other students’ favor. In fact, now any student in Texas can enjoy this same perk.

The Board of Directors at the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) originally decided to gift Dallas County residents free Dual Credit courses through their campuses. But there’s now a way for residents of other counties to access this same opportunity.

Here are some of the benefits to enrolling your student in Dual Credit courses:

  • According to the Community College Research Center at Columbia University, 88% of Dual Credit students continued on into college after high school.
  • Dual Credit students were 2.5 times mores likely than non-Dual Credit students to finish their degree in 2 years. [Grubb, John M., “Dual Enrollment and Community College Outcomes for First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen: A Quasi-Experimental Study” (2015).]
  • According to The 2018 University of Texas System Dual Credit Study, Dual Credit students have a higher first-year cumulative GPA than non-Dual Credit students (cohort average: 2.88; Dual Credit students: +.35.)

And now your student can enjoy free Dual Credit courses at one of the most respected colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area: Richland College.

Richland College is the first community college to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award; the highest honor for college performance excellence.

Now, some DCCCD colleges like Richland College may already reduce their tuition fees for out-of-county students. But they won’t completely waive those fees. Yet now through Gray Matter, a Richardson-based “School for Homeschoolers”, those Richland College fees are waived!

Gray Matter (previously the Prometheus Academy) has been successfully homeschooling 9th – 12th grade Texans for over a decade. Jen Mrla-Gray is the owner and director of Gray Matter. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Texas. And she’s a proud homeschool advocate who’s homeschooled her two children since 2008.

So your student can take courses at Gray Matter and also attend Richland College for free. But if you’re not interested in homeschooling, here’s even better news. Thanks to Gray Matter’s unique relationship with Richland College, you don’t even have to attend a single course at Gray Matter to receive the free tuition at Richland College. Unlike any other homeschool in the DCCCD, Gray Matter simply requires you enroll with them and they’ll be your student’s stepping stone to any college classes they like. That means you can still attend your current high school if you prefer.

Click here to contact Jen Mrla-Gray at Gray Matter for more information, to ask questions, or to take advantage of this opportunity today.

My son is working towards completing his Associates Degree at Richland College. As a homeschooling single parent, I don’t have the resources to pay for my son’s upper level high school classes. The Free Dual Credit program has been such an incredible opportunity. His first semester courses were online, which allowed me to oversee his work and transition to college-level coursework and help him gain organizational skills. Since then, he has enjoyed the freedom and responsibility of interacting with his professors and classmates on their beautiful campus. He is learning so much and saving a lot of TIME and MONEY – it’s hard to believe it’s really free! He is thriving and has completed 37 credit hours and has even been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society!”
– Maria, Gray Matter Parent

But that’s not all your student gets by enrolling with Gray Matter.

Through their unique partnership with Richland College, your student also gets to:

  • Skip the line” for college course registration. Gray Matter’s personal Homeschool Dual Credit Advisor at Richland College allows Gray Matter students to register for their classes early. So they’re guaranteed the classes they want!
  • Access all the same services that college students receive. That includes: math lab, writing lab, language lab, testing center, and even some accommodations upon qualifying.
  • Enjoy college and career counselling services. Seminars, workshops and 1-on-1 appointments are available with an experienced College & Career Counselor. Receive full admissions test-prep, transcript support, and personalized plans for college success.

Maybe your student’s high school has a limited selection of Dual Credit classes that you must pay for…

… Maybe you’re concerned your student is being “held back” and losing time that other students are using to build up credit for college…

… Or maybe you’d like to save thousands of dollars in tuition that you no longer need to pay.

If any of those scenarios describe you, Gray Matter’s unique opportunity with Richland College could be a perfect fit. And it works equally well for students who are currently being homeschooled or are attending public high school.

Gray Matter’s current student body is roughly 50% Collin County students. Most make the short drive to the Gray Matter campus at 1100 East Campbell Road in Richardson— others take online courses. Every student has the opportunity to customize their education.

We have helped several students from Collin, Tarrant, and Denton Counties to access free college courses at Richland (both online and on-campus). It is such an amazing opportunity that we want to share with more students and families.”
– Jen Mrla-Gray, Director at Gray Matter

Click here to contact Jen Mrla-Gray at Gray Matter for more information, to ask questions, or to take advantage of this opportunity today.


1100 East Campbell Road, Suite 200
Richardson, Texas 75081
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