The cost of taking classes at Gray Matter is three parts, sometimes more if the teacher collects a class supply fee.

Annual Registration Fee

From April 1 to June 25th each year, Gray Matter’s registration fee (now also called a membership) is $125/student* regardless of the number of classes taken by that student for the school year. The registration fee is paid annually at registration for one or multiple classes and is not refundable.

From June 26 until August 1, the registration fee increases to $150/student*.  After August 2, the registration fee increases to $200/student*.

For example:

Student Registration fee for upcoming school year received before June 26th: $125

Student Registration fee for upcoming school year received after June 25th: $150

Student Registration fee for upcoming school year received after August 1st: $200

*Returning students will be given a code for $25 off of the annual registration fee.

Tuition Fees

The second cost associated with taking a class at Gray Matter is the tuition, which is set by each teacher.

Gray Matter gives families flexibility with their payment options. You can pay upfront for the entire year (annual) or you can choose to make monthly payments with your first monthly tuition payment due at the time of registration (which will count for the month of May).

Monthly tuition (September through April) will be automatically charged to your credit card on the 5th of each month. May tuition is required at the time of registration as a good faith deposit and is not refundable.  (The May tuition deposit is not refundable nor transferable to another month should a family decide to withdraw from a class mid-year.)

Classes begin in August but there is NOT a charge for August tuition.

If you need to drop a class after Gray Matter has begun the school year, please fill out an Add-Drop-Form and submit it to the office. Any drop forms received by us prior to the first of the month will not need to pay that upcoming month’s tuition. However, if the first day of the month has arrived when you deliver your form, monthly tuition is due.

When a family withdraws a student from a class, the family does not receive a refund of the May month tuition, but the family is not required to pay any future tuition after withdrawing from the class.

Sawyer Fee

There will be a 3% surcharge added to all monthly payment options.

Supply Fees

Certain classes require an annual supply fee, such as High School English for student novels and copies, Art for shared class materials, etc.  This amount will automatically be charged when you enroll for a class.  The supply fees are not refundable, nor transferable if you choose to drop the class at any time.

Fee Guidelines

Each May 1, you will not pay May’s tuition since that will have been collected with your enrollment.

Neither your registration fee nor your deposit of tuition nor your class supply fees will be refunded once you have taken a spot in a Gray Matter class, so please carefully consider your decision before enrolling for a Gray Matter class.