Dual Credit Student Instructions:

Use the following steps to register for dual credit courses at any Dallas College, formerly DCCCD, campuses or 100% online courses.

Courses start throughout the semester and have varying lengths beyond the standard 8 and 16 week courses. This is great for students getting a late start on the semester, or those who decide they can fit another class or two in their schedule after the semester starts!

This program is ONLY available to homeschooled Texas high school students. This program is NOT available to public school students or virtual public school students. Please do NOT register with our program if you are not a homeschool student who is a Texas Resident.

Step 1: Apply with Dallas College

The first step is to apply to Dallas College. This step by step document provided to us by the homeschool advisor at Dallas College will guide you through the registration process. Make note of the Dallas College STUDENT ID number – you’ll need that in the next steps!

Make sure you apply to RICHLAND College Campus! We have the world’s most fabulous dual credit advisor, at the Richland campus. She advises homeschool families, co-ops, and private schools.

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues with registration. If you have already completed this process and have a Dallas College ID, please skip this step.

Step 2: Apply for Admissions at Kepler Prep:

Apply for admissions to Kepler Prep on our admissions page.

Please watch your email and spam folders for a response and instructions for payment of registration fees within 24 hours, but usually much sooner! Enrollment in our Dual Credit Program is $250/school year (Fall & Spring of the academic year). Spring Semester only is $150. For more details please visit our Dual Credit page.

If you have additional questions, you may contact us via email at info@keplerprep.com or by using the form on the Contact Us page.

We strive to maintain a high quality of service for our students. At times we may need to limit the intake of new students. That status may change daily, based on the influx of registrations. Our current status is:


*Transfer students have already turned in their paperwork listed below to Dallas College and only need to transfer to our school for dual credit scholarship eligibility and potentially add/drop courses.

If you email us or apply for admissions, please check your Spam or Junk folder. We try to answer quickly, but always within 24 hours!

Step 3: Fill out Paperwork to return to the College:

Forms to fill out and send to our advisor once completed. Deeper instructions are listed below the list. If your student needs to take the TSI, please schedule that asap, too. (information is below)

  1. DC Fillable FERPA Form
  2. DC Fillable Consent Form
  3. Meningitis Shot Records or Distance Learning OR State Exemption
  4. TSI Results (unless student qualified for a waiver)
  5. High School Transcript (incoming freshman may not have this)

Please do NOT print out the Fillable forms – send them in the same format as you downloaded them. They are exceptionally difficult to read when printed and then scanned or photographed.

Hint: If you don’t have shot records handy and your student is only registering for online courses, just turn in the Distance Learning paper for now. You can upload the shot records later.

Step 4: Fill out Course Enrollment and Return to Kepler Prep

Form to send to Kepler Prep: DC Fillable Enrollment Form

Course enrollments/Add’s must come to the college through Kepler Preparatory Academy. Send this form to us and we will submit it to the college as quickly as possible! We know classes fill up – so expeditiously transmitting these to the college is our highest priority.

Detailed Instructions for Above Forms

One of these forms has a spot for the parent (you) and the High School Official (Kepler Preparatory Academy). That should be left for us to sign. You remain the principal and head of your own school – but for the purposes of the free dual credit program, we need to sign stating your student is also a student enrolled in our program.

Fillable forms for the College:

You’ll send these to the advisor or upload as instructed.

DC Fillable FERPA Form – this allows the parent to talk to the advisor also.

DC Fillable Consent Form – consent for emergency medical treatment. For the “Program Name” put Dual Credit.

Meningitis form (pick 1): Shot records showing current Meningitis OR Distance Learning OR State Exemption

Hint: If you don’t have shot records handy and your student is only registering for online courses, just turn in the Distance Learning paper for now. You can upload the shot records later.

PAA and TSI Information

TSI Information from the college and alternative test scores.

PAA Information – instructions for doing the PAA for the TSI. (resources at the bottom!)

Schedule the TSI – schedule the TSI online exam with the college. Keep the results to turn in with your packet!

This summary of courses that students are eligible to take based on which portion of the TSI they have passed has been provided by our Dallas College Advisor.

If the student took the TSI at another school, they just need to contact the other school first, to give permission to release the information to the new school. Then contact Dallas College to transfer them in.

If the TSI is a source of angst for your student, talk to us or the advisor. We have suggestions for practice or other alternatives. Don’t let this be a roadblock for your student!

Transcripts & Planning Worksheet

Transcripts – if you need help making a transcript, visit our transcripts page, or contact us. We can provide you with some templates. (incoming freshman might not have one)

Make sure the parent signs the transcript. Visit our transcripts page for some template options.

Hint: This isn’t the time to put every possible elective or individual little unit study! An example is Driver’s Ed – we suggest leaving that off! You’re just wasting an elective and it’s not necessary to count this as high school credit. The same is true for middle school courses you are considering bringing up to high school for credit. When your student transfers to another college, you will send your final transcript including any of the extras you’d like to note!

The Dual Credit Scholarship Planning Worksheet is provided by our advisor at Dallas College, for your own use, if you’d like. There is no need to turn in this worksheet to anyone. You can plug in the various courses your child has taken to see how many dual credit course “slots” remain. It’s helpful to review this when preparing the student’s high school transcript.

For more detailed high school and college planning information and documents from the college advisor, please visit our Planning page.

Fillable Enrollment form to send to Kepler Prep:

DC Fillable Enroll Form – Course enrollment form. For the purposes of this dual credit program, you will put Kepler Preparatory Academy as the school name, not your private homeschool name. You sign as the parent, we sign as the school administrator. The following information may be helpful:

  • select courses:  https://schedule.dcccd.edu/ *see Advance Search below
  • All courses (or nearly all) are 100% online. The advisor at the college has said she is not aware of any that offer live lectures at this time. Do let us know if you happen to find one though! 🙂
  • *RateMyProfessor.com is a great tool for finding good teachers. Be sure to watch for the course number when reading reviews!
  • If the course is NOT on the approved dual credit list, you will have to pay the in-county tuition rate for those courses (called concurrent courses).
  • If your student has not passed all sections of the TSI, this is a summary of courses students are eligible to take. The course descriptions on the dcccd.edu site also have any prerequisites listed.
  • For first-time dual credit students, we recommend taking 1 or 2 classes in the first semester. College courses can be very rigorous and time-consuming. Starting off with something that interests the student and/or satisfies a suggested high school core course is recommended.
  • Send this form to Kepler Preparatory Academy: info@keplerprep.com
  • All Enrollments must come through Kepler Preparatory Academy. Dual Credit students cannot enroll or drop classes online at the college at this time.

ADVANCED SEARCH: Here’s an easy way to search for classes:
I prefer the Advanced Search:

If your student is starting later in the semester or looking for 2nd 8-week start dates, you can substitute a start date. For instance, students starting after the first week of Fall 2020, might use 8/31/20 as their start date.

Once the list comes up, I click “Hide Unavailable” (it’s just over the top of the course listings), because there are ~700 ENG 1301 classes, many of which may be full.  

Recap of things to turn in:

All of these things are linked above or are documents you will receive from the process.

Please email the DC Fillable Enroll Form to Kepler Prep at info@keplerprep.com.

Please turn in the following to our college advisor at Richland (fillable forms should be saved in the same format as you downloaded them! Please don’t print them and scan/photograph).

  1. DC Fillable FERPA Form
  2. DC Fillable Consent Form
  3. Meningitis Shot Records or Distance Learning OR State Exemption
  4. TSI Results (unless the student qualified for a waiver from the college advisor).
  5. High School Transcript (incoming freshman may not have this)

What’s Next?

When our college advisor has received all of the necessary paperwork from us, she will register your student for classes. We know this is a time-sensitive issue – we have kids in the program, too! Both the college advisor and Kepler Prep make every effort to process the paperwork as quickly as possible!

Once the college advisor has registered your student for classes, a confirmation email will be sent. Students may check the status of their schedules using eConnect.

Navigation: eConnect.dcccd.edu| Credit Student Menu | Register for Classes | My Class Schedule | Choose the Term

If you plan to OPT-OUT of the IncludEd program that offers all required materials for $20/cr hour, you must opt-out by the Wednesday before classes start.

Navigation: eConnect.dcccd.edu | Credit Student Menu | Books and Supplies | Learning Materials Opt-Out

If you opt-ed to pay for IncludEd, currently this is paid after the Dual Credit Scholarship is applied (this program/process is new and still developing so it may change):

Navigation: eConnect.dcccd.edu | Credit Student Menu | Register for Classes | Make A Payment

Dual Credit Scholarships are applied to your account closer to the start date. Don’t be alarmed if you see a balance until it is applied. For example, my son’s receipt had a notation in red at the bottom that said Financial Aid Pending until approx 1 week before school started.